Sakaki Gin range: Sakaki XV, Sakaki XXV, Sakaki XIX

Nestled in mountains of Wakayama, Kishu Kumano Distillery are the producers of Sakaki Craft Gin.

Their craft gin range, Sakaki Gin, consists of 3 unique gins – Sakaki XV, Sakaki XIX and Sakaki XXV. Kishu Kumano distillery is the first to use sakaki as a botanical in gins.

Sakaki (Cleyera japonica) imparts a “forest like” aroma, which is a perfect representation of the distillery’s home in the mountains of Wakayama.

A sacred tree also known as the gateway between the skies and earth, it has been labelled a “unifying botanical”.

Its presence in the gin has a marked effect in amalgamating the unique flavours Kishu Kumano distillery have created and refined.

Sakaki Gin is unique in its botanicals, using a range of spices, herbs and flowers native to Japan. This imparts an unique, spice forward aroma and flavour unlike any other.

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 Sakaki XV Japanese Gin

Sakaki XIX Japanese Gin

 Sakaki XXV Japanese Gin