Kumano Whisky Mizunara



Kumano Whisky Mizunara is a pure malt whisky blend of specially selected Japanese whisky (ex French Oak cask) and Scottish whiskies (ex Bourbon cask) . These whiskies are married and finished in Japanese Oak (Mizunara) casks.

The Kishu Kumano distillery is nestled in the mountains of Wakayama, Japan, alongside the famed pilgrimage trail, Kumano Kodo. The carefully crafted whisky rests in Mizunara casks amidst the forests and mountains of remote Japan. The cask and terroir impart an unique flavour and “forest feel” to the whisky.

Tasting Notes
Nose: coconut macaron, mango, chamomile, white sandalwood, cantaloupe
Palate: chestnut, salted plum, apricot, ginger, kumquat
Finish: white pepper, vanilla pod, subtle hinoki (Japanese cypress)

ABV 43%


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