Tete Japanese Botanical Liqueur



Ume plum is soaked in single distillation pure shochu for one year, along with 9 Japanese botanicals (ginger root, mandarin peel, plum flower, cinnamon, dried bonito, wintergreen, sansho and ume fruit.

A complex blend of native flowers, herbs and fruit, Tete has an aroma and intensity of flavour unlike any other liqueur.

Tete Japanese Botanical Liqueur is released only once a year and stocks are extremely limited. Next stocks arriving early 2024.

Flavour profile
Piquancy springs forth from slowly macerated sansho and ginger. Herbal elements come to the fore with wintergreen. Gentle perfume emanates from ume flower.

Mandarin provides both brightness and acidity. Spicy cinnamon imparts a light, woody character. Dried bonito heightens and unifies Tete’s botanicals.

This myriad of flavours results in a mouthwatering finish that lingers on the palate.

ABV 12%


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