The world’s first domestically produced aromatic bitters that use only the finest ingredients from Japan.

Crafted in Japan and enjoyed around the world.

Umami can be loosely translated as “pleasant savoury taste”, and is a portmanteau of “umai” (“delicious”) and “mi” (taste). Umami bitters are a unique blend of quintessentially Japanese flavours. Dried shiitake mushrooms, kelp and bonito flakes have a high concentration of umami. This power triad of Japanese ingredients allows for the ultimate synergy of umami.  Delicately balanced with citrus, umami bitters enhance delicate flavours and provide a unique savoury dimension to cocktails and food.

Seasons change, and with them flowers, trees and plants. Spring brings forth sakura, cherry blossom. In Japan, the ability and art of appreciating sakura is known as hanami. Sakura bitters is hanami in a bottle. It encapsulates spring and imparts a delicate, unique floral flavour to cocktails.

The best known Japanese fruit. A unique, tart citrus reminiscent of a heady lemon with a hint of bergamot. This fruit resembles a small grapefruit with variable skin texture. The yuzu tree is prickly and the fruit difficult to pick, but like a rose, yuzu is worth the thorns. Yuzu fruit is sourced locally from farmers in Tokushima prefecture, a region renowned for yuzu production.

Perilla frutescens is an Asian culinary herb in the mint family. In Japanese cuisine, the whole shiso leaf is often used as a receptacle to hold wasabi or various condiments and as a garnish. Shiso bitters are prepared using carefully selected blue shiso from the time-honoured Aoba plantation in Chiba, the home of premium quality shiso.

Bitters are infused with hinoki (Japanese Cypress). Hinoki is highly prized and from ancient times has been used in the construction of sacred temples. Hinoki bitters are made from 100% hinoki wood. The trees are harvested with permission from the area of Tama, a site outside of Tokyo. Hinoki bitters are the Japanese forest in liquid form.




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