The Japanese Bitters Sakura



Seasons change, and with them flowers, trees and plants. Spring brings forth sakura, cherry blossom. In Japan, the ability and art of appreciating sakura is known as hanami.

Sakura bitters is hanami in a bottle. Salted and pickled to concentrate the delicate flavour of sakura, it encompasses spring and imparts a delicate, unique floral flavour to cocktails.

With its blossom dancing across your tastebuds, sakura leaves its trademark hanami in its wake…

ABV 27%

Tasting notes: Morello cherry, dried fruit, cardamom, cinnamon, woody cedar.
Sakura bitters’ floral finish lingers on the palate.

Recommended cocktails: Balalaika, Wine Spritzer, Gin and Tonic 
Recommended beer: Pale Ale


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